Friday, November 27, 2009

Home Brewed Cider Recipe

Well, today I bottled the cider now to be known as "The Out Cider". Long story, not worth the talking about.

Here is the recipe that I used:

5 gal unpasturized apple cider. You need to have a cider with no preservatives.

2 cup Orange Blossom honey.
1 cup Maple syrup.

I initially put in 4 cinnamon sticks and added 8 more when I transferred to the secondary. Next time I am going to add 8 right from the start.

mix it all up, and put into your primary with champagne yeast.

This needs to ferment for 2 weeks.

Transfer to the secondary. Here I added 2 tblsps of orange zest.

Let sit in the secondary for 2 more weeks.

Bottle using 2/3 cane sugar and 1 lb of lactose.

You have just made your first Home Brewed Cider.

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